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What is Clean Beauty?

Beauty today more than ever must be "green" and "clean", with particular attention to the aspects of "safety".

Clean Beauty embraces a broader philosophy, it is a vision based on authenticity. It concerns a new way of relating with those who buy cosmetic products, promoting a conscious consumption style, directly linked to a lifestyle that becomes "slower" and healthier.

Greater awareness is reflected in the transparency of information, in the possibility of helping the consumer to read the labels, in communicating the origin and functionality of the ingredients used in the products.

Correctly informed consumers will thus have the opportunity to make informed choices and avoid potentially harmful substances.

"Less is more" is a concept that perfectly reflects the philosophy of Clean Beauty and is based on the belief that essential formulas are sufficient, without excesses, with few targeted and thoughtful ingredients. The beauty routine becomes simpler, but complete and effective.

"Less is better" is the idea based on the concept that ingredients with the right balance between science and nature allow us to choose the cosmetic that makes us feel good in our skin, while maintaining skin balance: beauty becomes holistic and inclusive.

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