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The birth of Kit Restore Face

The pandemic has changed our habits. When you are outdoors or are not guaranteed physical distance between individuals, masks are worn. Currently many people wear mask for a long time. At the same time, they began to manifest skin problems as a result of a mixture of sweat, friction, stress or other repeated pressures on the face, with the appearance of redness and white dots.

The Kit Restore Face was born from the need to avoid the worsening of any problems already present and to help prevent skin disorders resulting from these situations that occur with imperfections and dryness.

A complete kit that includes a HYDRAPROTECT cream and two masks HYDRAMASK and PURITYMASK based on ingredients for 98% of natural origin, dermatologically tested and proven effectiveness.

Using HYDRAPROTECT moisturizing cream several times a day allows the skin to restore its physiological hydration factor and maintain the right degree of hydration throughout the day. Restoring the altered skin barrier, the HYDRAPROTECT hydrating cream guarantees excellent face skin protection.

HYDRAPROTECT cream and HYDRAMASK moisturizing mask are "must have" products able to immediately quench the skin, reducing dryness and cracking, giving comfort, softness and brightness. The HYDRAMASK moisturizing mask represents a necessary gesture to keep the skin face soft and elastic, to be applied at least once a week, suitable for all skin types.

Removing all pollutants and excess sebum is essential for the skin physiology and to keep it elastic. A deep cleaning with the purifying mask PURITYMASK with charcoal is an operation to be carried out at least once a week to free the pores from any residue and impurities. The skin appears brighter and the complexion uniform.

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