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The birth of Kit Go Safe

We undoubtedly live in a difficult era in which hand cleaning is important to protect us and our loved ones.

The GO SAFE KIT was born from the need to leave the house with peace of mind, a complete kit of detergency + cleaning + hand protection based on 98% ingredients of natural origin.

A valid ally that we should always have in the car, in the bag, at home, in the office to protect ourselves and protect others.

The hand cleaning gel with sanitizing action is essential, practical and effective, it represents the ideal alternative to cleanse hands when they cannot be washed with soap and water, an alcoholic gel used frequently during the day but not suitable for cleaning hands when they are dirty.

In any case, cleansing with soap and water remains the most effective method for deeply sanitizing hands, preferably with a cleanser gel of natural origin that gently removes the superficial lipid layer of the skin on which the bacterial load multiplies.

The skin of the hands, however, is particularly delicate, the repeated use of a cleansing gel and sanitizing alcoholic gel, even if based on ingredients of natural origin, can create sensitization and therefore the first signs of excessive dryness, chapping and redness on the hands appear of all of us. Correct hydration is therefore very important to avoid irritation. We recommend carefully massaging on clean and dry hands several times a day, our moisturizing and protective cream rich in natural moisturizing ingredients, which help the skin to regain its normal hydrolipidic balance. A generous evening application of cream is also ideal, to be left to act overnight to restore the natural barrier of the epidermis.

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