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Our pillars


in the choice of ingredients based on effectiveness,

in avoiding potentially harmful substances, in information


of themselves, of other living beings,

of the world we live in and the tradition


 Less is better, a simple daily beauty routine


Our cosmetics designed for your needs

Our cosmetics are the result of innovation and taste for beauty. Inspired and made to meet individual needs, to meet the need for well-being.

Our commitment is the right balance between knowledge, science and nature. Scientific research ensures the continuous innovation of cosmetic products and their ingredients, allows to obtain special and very pleasant textures, effective and reliable products. Nature is our inspiration, a favourite source of the raw materials we use.

In our cosmetics we prefer ingredients that allow us to offer the skin what it really needs, promoting skin compatibility and functionality. We are very attentive to the environment starting with the selection of product components.


Sincere, transparent products that keep their promises

We believe that cosmetics should be worn as if they were tailored clothes, perfect for your skin. We produce our products in Italy. We are inspired by the craftsmanship of tailoring known for the extreme attention to detail, quality and accuracy.

From the union of our professional

knowledge and from our enthusiasm

the desire to put our experiences

at the service of everyone was born.

First of all we are consumers and we evaluate products with a technical critical spirit.


Let's introduce us


Elena Passerini

Elena graduated in Pharmacy in Rome. She attended the course of Homeopathic Therapeutic Clinical Methodology at the Institute of Homeopathic Medicine in Rome, the School of Specialization in Cosmetic Sciences and Technologies and the Phytotherapy course at the University of Siena.

She held the position of head of the research and development laboratory for an important Italian company specializing in natural cosmetics. She has written a 4-handed book with Prof Gianni Proserpio "The other cosmetics" and published several articles in technical-scientific journals in the sector.

She lives between Spain and Italy where through her global cosmetic consultancy company she is involved in carrying out innovative projects both in terms of raw materials and finished products for European clients.

Member of the Italian Society of Cosmetological Chemistry and Science (SICC) and of the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SEQC).


Giovanna Sartor

Giovanna graduated in Biological Sciences in Turin. She attended the School of Specialization in Cosmetic Sciences and Technologies at the University of Ferrara.

She participated in the drafting of the Council of Europe publication “Vegetable preparations of cosmetic products” with Dr Gianfranco Patri.

She creates and develops innovative formulations for Italian and international brands. She collaborates with Private Entities, Associations and University.

Coordinator of Scientific Affairs of the Italian Society of Chemistry and Cosmetological Science (SICC).

Member of Organizing Committee – IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) 2019 Congress. 

Teacher at the Safety Assessor and Assessment of the Cosmetics Safety Course- SICC Academy andat the Microbiological Quality Control Course – Master in Cosmetic Sciences, University of Milan.  

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